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Würth is a partner of major well-known enterprises all over the world. In addition to the well-known Würth products, we also provide customers with comprehensive C-Parts solutions. It is well known that the definition of C-Parts varies between enterprises. However, in the final products of customers, C-Parts generally accounts for a high proportion in quantity, while the material price accounts for a low proportion in the total cost, and the comprehensive purchase cost is often much higher than the cost of the products themselves, but they are still an indispensable part of the final products. Würth Industry China broadens its existing market channels with the professional "CPS®- C-parts solutions". Würth cooperates strategically with suppliers of international well-known brand parts to integrate Würth's supply chain and optimize the procurement process and cost by helping customers to select and optimize models to recommending overall solutions, thus further promoting the production efficiency of enterprises.

Clamps are used in many fields to fix non-rigid pipes to conduct fluid media (e.g., water, gas, oil, dust, etc.).

Depending on your different application, such as different pipe diameter, pipe material, fluid type and pressure, environmental corrosion degree, etc., Würth and its partners offer a variety of clamps with different tightening methods, different sizes and applicable pipe diameters, as well as different materials and surface treatments.

Pipe Clamps

Fluid transmission is inseparable from the pipeline, and the momentum of the fluid medium is bound to cause vibration of the pipeline and thus generate noise. Würth and its partners can provide you various pipe clamps to fix the pipe, which can effectively absorb vibration and reduce noise, and make the pipeline layout easier, more efficient , safer and more beautiful.

Rigid Pipe Joints

How can we connect one rigid pipe with another in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly manner? The clamp-sleeve connection technology and pipe end integrated forming technology provided by Würth and its partners can perfectly meet these requirements. For pipelines with diameters range 6 ~ 42mm, a complete set of joint products and pre-assembly equipment are provided, the final installation can be operated perfectly with only 2 wrenches.

Pipeline Assembly

Reasonable design and installation of pipelines are crucial to a set of fluid transmission device, and Würth and its partners can provide a complete set of weldless assemblies. We provide one-stop service from the material selection and diameter calculation of the pipelines at the beginning, and reasonable arrangement and the final preform installation of the pipelines. The original intention is to provide customers with the most efficient solutions and improve the quality of their products.


Seals are absolutely indispensable functional parts, either among fluid pipelines or in mechanical equipment with lubrication. The principle of most seals is relying on the deformation of non-metallic materials (typical of rubber) under pressure to generate contact pressure and compensate leakage gap, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing. Würth and its partners can provide you with a variety of regular and customized seals in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Indexing plungers

An indexing plunger is mounted by its own thread (sometimes with a nut) on the part that needs to be changed in position, and by the telescoping of the pinhead, it fits into the different positioning holes to allow rapid positioning of the two parts after relative displacement. Würth and its partners can provide you with indexing plungers in different high quality materials, with a wide range of sizes and operating methods to meet the requirements of various application.