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Fasteners are our origin and our passion. By this time, our range includes more than 1 million industrial products.

In the product range W.TEC®, we redesign fasteners in their different application scenarios. The goal is to offer innovative and novel products and technologies, each of which represents the most optimal solution for the respective application scenario.

C-parts. Highlights and innovations.

Threadlocking of highest reliability
Securing parts

Lock washers and lock nuts for reliable securing of screws and the parts to be joined!

Connecting hose and socket
W.TEC®FBS Spring clamps

Spring band clamps with their constant clamping force ensure a reliable connection for almost every application

Direct screwing of sheets
Innovative and cost-cutting: SHEETITE®

Unique bolting technology for thin sheets, which streamlines your assembly process!

Lightweight construction
COLDMELT® Technology

Innovative and economical technology for the safety and stability of fasteners even with a light construction

Safety made of 100% stainless steel
Self-locking nut

The self-locking nuts bring the thread lock already built in, no tearing of the threads!

Connect thermoplastic materials
Screws for the plastic sector

With the WÜPLAST® screws, you screw plastic reliably without scratching!

Fixing the thread easily
Thread inserts for thread reinforcement

You no longer have to give up components with damaged threads, but they can easily repair them.

Lift. Safely.

Safe lifting, turning, lashing or lifting of heavy loads is no longer a challenge with the appropriate lifting gear!

Safe direct screw connection
Thread-forming screws

Eliminate time-consuming working steps such as speed cutting, because the GEFU® screws form their own nut thread!

Screw Nut and tool in one!
Thread-rolling nut

Simple and time-saving repair solution for damaged threads with the innovative TRIMNUT® technology!

Perfectly protected!
Protective caps

With protective caps from the W.TEC®COVER CAPS series, you protect components from unintentional damage!

Technical consulting
Technology portal

Here you will find the technical details on C-parts and additional information about our testing laboratory.


Every single industry requires products that are designed for very specific purposes. That's why we have set up special competence teams for individual industries. These experts will be pleased to advise you on questions relating to our product range, clarify technical questions about our products or coordinate design ideas with you.